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instance mid-14c., "urgency," from O.Fr. instance "eagerness, anxiety, solicitation," from L. instantia "presence, earnestness, urgency," lit. "a standing near," from instans (see instant). In Scholastic logic, "a fact or example" (1580s), from M.L. instantia, used to translate Gk. enstasis. This led to use in phrase for instance "as an
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Namely; In addition to; Like this; Another way of putting it … That is to say … i.e. (used for specific examples in written English only – this means 'id est' in Latin which translates to 'that is to say'); Which is made apparent when … In other words … As in … Use them wisely! Read more: List of Sentence Connectors in English
Another Way To Say 'For Example'?... ForumsGrammar & Sentence Structure. 0; 236,447. +0. Hi people, Is there another way to say 'for example'? The reason I ask is that I have used this phrase numerous times in my report and it sounds a bit repetitive! Many thanks in advance! 1st March 2008.
And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance, however, thus, therefore,
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essay synonyms: noun A relatively brief discourse written especially as an exercise: composition, paper, theme. See words A procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality: assay, proof, test, trial, tryout. See in... ... Sentence Examples
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For example synonyms. Top for example synonyms (other words for for example) are as an illustration, among other things and as an example.

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